So there I was, standing with my shoes in the snow, with my friends, in a place so lonely and calm, yet so satisfying to be in. Welcome to Bieszczady, Poland — the perfect place to get your thoughts together and clear your mind. ❄️

Sometimes all you need is a bit of snow, some friends and a quiet place to feel alive again, you know?

Now, this is a view I'd like to be welcomed by every day I wake up 😍

I could write how magical it was, but I think even these photos don't serve that place enough justice, so words would even less. I'll just let you enjoy the photos then 😀

It was an amazing trip and all the good memories will live forever. Or at least for a long time, I guess... 🤷‍♂

If you ever go to Poland in winter, do yourself a favor and visit Bieszczady. Summer works fine, too!